Seat at the Table

Recently we had the honor of having prominent film-maker and environmental activist Jack Harries come and visit our lodges in Broadford, that alone is great, but not only that, it was while in the middle of recording for a YouTube series called Seat at The Table, which is supporting an environmentalist cause to give the unheard voices of the world a chance to speak to the global stage during COP26 (hyperlink to the COP26 site) regarding issues such as climate change and the world’s carbon footprint and how these can affect everyone from the largest Supercities to the smallest communities. During the beginning of the video, Harries and guest of the episode, musical entrepreneur and director of famous show “Unapologetic” Jamal Edwards are filmed in the Isle of Skye on a hiking trail along Allt Drearg Mor, a river with a waterfall surrounded on all sides by gorgeous views of mountains and rolling hills, before getting on a boat to Greenland to see the glaciers and how they’ve melted.

Now, needless to say, global warming is a fairly large issue, after all, earth being ruined would be a bit of an inconvenience given it’s where we keep all of our stuff, but getting to hear the first-hand accounts of how fast the glaciers are melting, you really get a more comprehensible visualization of just how fast it is compared to knowing how many gigatonnes of ice we’ve lost a year, which is almost incomprehensible by the human mind as we have no frame of reference, this allows the video to really show that not only are glaciers melting, and the sea levels rising they’re doing so very fast.

Would you like to come see the sights of the Isle of Skye like Harries and Edwards? Our lodges provide a perfect place to stay that’s in the center of Broadford, allowing for minimal travel time to all of the landmarks and tourist attractions in the Isle of Skye, now, of course, the irony of promoting an environmentalist cause and then encouraging a drive to the Isle of Skye, isn’t lost on us, but fortunately there is a charging station in Broadford as well as one at the Skye bridge Toll Booth.


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